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Please find below a list of current Beacon Academy Trust Policies and Procedures.

Policies are subject to regular scrutiny and will be updated accordingly.


Details Dept. Review Date Download PDF
Admissions Arrangements 2019 – 2021 BMAT October 2019 download
BMAT Home-School Agreement BMAT September 2021 download
Complaints Policy & Procedure BMAT January 2021 download
 Exam Contingency Plan BMAT  November 2019  download
External and Permanent Exclusion Policy and Procedure BMAT January 2021 download
Non Exam Assessment Policy BMAT November 2019  download
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy BMAT  June 2022  download
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy BMAT September 2020 download
SEND policy BMAT November 2019  download
Sex and Relationships Education Policy  BMAT March 2021  download
Student Attendance Policy & Procedure BMAT March 2022 download
Student Behaviour Policy BMAT March 2022 download
Student Mobile Phone Policy BMAT
July 2020 download
Supporting Students With Medical Needs BMAT March 2020 download

Work Experience Policy (Pre and Post-16)

BMAT March 2021  download


Details Dept. Review Date Download PDF
Capability Policy & Procedure BMAT November 2021  download
CCTV Policy & Procedure BMAT April 2022 download
Collective Dispute Procedure BMAT October 2021 download
Dignity at work Policy BMAT  September 2021  download
Disciplinary Policy & Procedure BMAT June 2021 download
Employee Code of Conduct BMAT April 2022  download
Equality & Diversity Policy BMAT September 2021  download
Finance Policy BMAT June 2020 download
Flexible Working Policy BMAT February 2021 download
Freedom Of Information – Model Publication Scheme BMAT  June 2021 download
Grievance Policy & Procedure BMAT January 2021 download
Information and Communication Technology Policy BMAT  June 2020 download
Parental Leave & Pay Policy BMAT November 2021 download
Pay Policy and Procedure BMAT April 2022 download
Probation Policy and Procedure BMAT March 2022 download
Procurement Procedure BMAT June 2020 download
Recruitment and Selection Policy BMAT March 2022  download
Reorganisation, Redeployment and Redundancy Policy and Procedure BMAT August 2021  download
Risk Assessment Policy BMAT May 2021  download
Trade Union Recognition Agreement BMAT October 2021  download
Special Leave, Compassionate and Unpaid Leave Policy and Procedure BMAT February 2021 download
Staff Appraisal Policy BMAT
April 2022
Staff Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure BMAT February 2021 download
Whistleblowing BMAT February 2021 download


Details Dept. Review Date Download PDF
BMAT Premises Security Policy & Procedure BMAT January 2021 download
BMAT Single Equality Scheme & Accessibility Action Plans BMAT March 2021
Data Protection Policy BMAT June 2022
External Professional Development Agreement BMAT N/A  download
First Aid Policy and Procedure BMAT  March 2021 download
Gender Pay Gap Report BMAT March 2020 download
Health & Safety Policy Procedure BMAT  May 2021 download
Lettings & Community Use Policy BMAT March 2021 download
Management of Contractors
June 2021
Provider Access Policy Statement BMAT June 2021 download