List of LGBs members as at 28 October 2020

BEACON CAMPUS LGB   Date Appointed End of Term
Kathryn Burns Executive Principal/CEO BMAT Ex-Officio
Yvonne Andress Co-headteacher BHS Ex-Officio
Phil Bray Co-headteacher BHS Ex-Officio
Trevor Button BBIH Principal Ex-Officio
Fazal Choski Community 09.01.20 08.01.21
Anna Graham Chair, BHS Parent 10.11.17 09.11.21
Phil McDermott BBIH Staff 12.03.19 11.03.21
Jagjeet Saini Co-opted Governor 12.03.19 11.03.21
Jude Tucker BBIH Parent 03.02.20 02.02.21
Satinder Grewal BHS Parent 09.11.20 08.11.21
Simon Grossobel Community 03.12.20 02.12.21
Harry Pratchett BHS Staff 03.12.20 02.12.21
Alan Weinberg MBE Link Trustee
TFA LGB   Date Appointed End of Term
Kathryn Burns Executive Principal/CEO BMAT Ex-officio
Stephen Smith LGB Vice Chair, Community 25.02.14 24.02.22
Will Mackintosh Principal Ex-officio
Andre Grove Du Toit Community Chair 28.10.20 27.10.21
David Bromiley Staff 02.12.20 01.12.21
Babatunde Odunlami Co-opted 28.10.20 27.10.21
Nihal Rahim Mohammed Parent 03.11.20 02.11.21
Alan Weinberg Link Trustee

Former Governors who have served in the past 12 months

Name  Designation/Appointed by Date Appointed End of Term  Register of Business Interest
Sabah Afzal-Ali Co-opted 16.01.20 15.01.21
Sean Canaii Staff 09.10.17 31.08.20
Carol O’Brien Parent 28.02.18 13.07.20
Balwinder Roopra Community 04.12.18 06.07.20
Simon Wassell Community 09.10.17 08.10.19
Shona Ramsay Trustee, Committee Chair 17.09.19
Elizabeth Slatery Trustee 10.03.20
Balbinder Panesar Trustee 17..09.19
Kathryn Burns Executive Principal/CEO BMAT Ex-officio
Yvonne Andress Co-Headteacher BHS Ex-officio
Phil Bray Co-Headteacher BHS Ex-officio
Trevor Button BBIH Principal Ex-officio
Will Mackintosh TFA Principal Ex-officio
Kathryn Burns CEO/AO 01.09.17
Suda Ratnam (Committee Chair) Trustee 01.09.17
Elizabeth Sidwell CBE Trustee 01.09.17
Elizabeth Slattery Trustee 04.12.18
Jatinder Saini Trustee 01.05.18
Balbinder Panesar Trustee 18.09.18
Deep Bamrah Finance Director 01.09.17